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Package Services Include:

Social Media Management

Let us save your business hundreds of hours of labor monthly by supercharging your social media marketing. We will analyze your main profit centers and demographics to  effectively target social networks. With millions of consumers using social networks, proper social media management is essential for building awareness for your business.

Our social media agency will ensure that fresh, unique content is posted to all of your social networks.  Our team will actively engage all of your friends, followers, and circles to maximize the chance of conversions and continually create brand awareness.

We’ve found that social media marketing is the number one digital service that is performed incorrectly.  Whether its small business owners or other contracted social media marketing agencies doing the work, this is area that needs the most work.



Creation, customization, and management of major social network profiles directly related to your business and its industry (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, and one industry specific network).


Our graphic designers will custom tailor backgrounds and profile icons just for your business. We also include several custom, social marketing graphics that can be used for posts each month.


Your assigned geek will ensure that your social media accounts have regular follows, follow backs, and thanks. They’ll also be sure to include regular mentions, participation, engagements and interactions on all your social media profiles. Interaction is the key to social networking, and we do it all so you don’t have to.

  •  BLOGS

All your high-value blog posts will be linked directly through your social media profiles to ensure maximum exposure!

Website Management

We’ll give your existing website a serious “tune-up”. We update and verify all meta data, alt tags, titles, and eliminate any deprecated code; making sure everything is current. We also work closely with your business to develop a highly relevant list of geo/behaviorally targeted keyword phrases for use in content development on and off site.

We’ll also install proper analytics and webmaster tools for proper data tracking and website optimization.

Finally, our SEO staff will make sure that all strategies deployed are in concurrence with the latest search engine algorithms, such as the Panda and the Penguin Updates.


Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

All services are white hat! Strategic link baiting and video SEO will help rocket your business to the top of the results pages.

We will work closely with you to create and develop an aggressive video SEO campaign (also known as VSEO).  We then strategically seed these videos on numerous high-value video sites so that they can ultimately usurp your competitors in top search result spots.



Our professional content writers will deploy off-site blogs specifically for the purpose of SEO.  Multiple posts per week on several high-valued blog sites will create a long lasting funnel of leads for your business.

Maps/Directory Optimization

Use this specialty lead generation service to take your web traffic from a local street, to a superhighway. Watch your leads convert to sales like never before. Let us take hold and harness your digital funnel with proven methods that work.




A highly utilized and high value digital asset, local listings such as online maps provide consumers with maps, directions, and business information. We will claim and customize all relative listings for your company.


Online directories are the digital yellow pages and there are literally hundreds of them. Search engines crawl directory profiles during a keyword search and check for relevance, consistency, and many other items in their algorithms. We will claim and customize the relevant directory profiles that will directly increase your search engine results page ranking, providing lead generation for your target market.


These “billboards” of information are available to anyone with an internet connection or a smart phone and house all your business information. They also will have consumer review sections that will need to be monitored and tracked. Our team will claim and customize all of the relative online databases for you, increasing your page rank and ultimately creating new, convertible leads for your business.

Reputation Repair/Real-Time Monitoring

Utilization of real-time internet monitoring tools to proactively watch and manage your online reputation. The moment a review is posted regarding your business, we know about it.


Our team of internet gurus will work directly with the review websites to have all false, fraudulent, or negative reviews removed or replaced.


The more positive reviews your company has, the better you look. We will help generate and propagate positive, 5 star reviews with our proven and trusted system.  All of our techniques are white hat.  This means that everything with our reputation management service is “by the books”.


Knowing what your customers or clients are saying about you is a great indicator of exactly how your business is performing at a customer service level. We will help you head off major issues before they boil over by keeping tabs on what’s being said about you.


Email Management

We’ll help setup and maintain your email accounts.  Providing support for email troubleshooting, creating and removing accounts, setting up email forwards, and push/pull services.  Having a professional email that simply works takes a lot of stress off employees and helps keep the channels of communication open.  Leaving potential clients unanswered under a mountain of spam can be a problem of the past.

Additional Services:

Pay-per-click campaigns include a monthly maintenance fee and vary depending on the desired budget and are handled on a per-case basis.

Packages of 5 or more services are available.  Please use the Contact Us page to discuss your company’s individual needs.

Website design varies depending on the complexity of the site and whether it will be built from scratch or if an existing overhaul is desired.  This service is handled on a per-case basis.

As a private real estate agent or as part of a real estate agency, your time is best spent showing properties.  Why waste it trying to become an expert at social media, web design, or SEO.  Instead, let trained professionals that have years of experience do the work for you.

We use proven formulas and algorithms to optimize every dollar you spend online, turning it into the best ROI possible. With our website and social media analytics, there’s absolutely no guess work involved. We know exactly where your traffic is coming from, what content they’re looking at, and how to turn this web traffic into paying clients.

Realtor Specific Digital Marketing:

Our team has identified multiple digital properties that are realtor and real estate agency specific.  When these properties are claimed, customized, managed, and optimized, you or your agency will see a surge in leads and property sales.

This specific service is offered at the premier rates.